Dr. Wainfan is available to speak to management, technical and general audiences. Using her unique style of humor, insight, thoughtful analysis and just a touch of “nerdiness” Lynne reduces complex problems into easy-to-understand building blocks that lead to greater insights. Audiences listen, learn and have a few laughs along the way.

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                                         Some of Lynne’s Speaking Topics

The Alchemy of Trust

If you’re reading this, then you know how to trust. You used to trust your mother to feed you as a baby. But look us you now: between government insolvency, financial meltdown, and nonprofit scandals, many believe that we are in crisis of trust. But what is trust? Lynne Wainfan applies state-of-the art techniques to take complex, subjective concepts and structure them into simple visual models. In her book, The Alchemy of Trust¸ Dr. Wainfan summarizes the scholarly literature and creates a new, simple model of trust. This visual trust model is common sense framework that can be discussed with others to actually talk about that squishy subject–trust. Dr. Wainfan shows how we can assess trustworthiness with with examples from today’s headlines and shows the audience how to think about trusting a leader or organization. Finally, Dr. Wainfan presents a vision for a trustworthy society and shows us how to get there. Perhaps we can learn to trust again–without being stupid.

Challenges in Virtual Collaboration

FACT: Did you know that meetings that have a propensity towards becoming argumentative are best done via videoconference? That lies can be easier to detect over the phone versus face-to-face? These are just some of the tips from Lynne Wainfan’s book Challenges in Virtual Collaboration. In this talk Lynne shares her research about how face-to-face meetings differ from videoconference, telephone, or computer-based meetings. Each of these collaboration tools has its pros and cons, depending on what you’re trying to accomplish. This talk is aimed at anyone who deals with collaboration and wants to get the most out of their team. Along with this talk, audience members will receive a chart to help guide them through choosing the best communications medium for the job at hand along with some common pitfalls to avoid.

Strategic Decision Making When Perspectives Differ

What do you do when you must make important decisions about an organization, but people disagree? Lynne Wainfan, PhD, founder and Principal of Compass Alliance Strategic Consulting takes on that challenge. At RAND, she invented Multi-Perspective Strategic Decision Making. Her approach has been applied to education, defense, and corporate strategies. Dr. Wainfan has found that differing perspectives–values, beliefs, and expectations—are often considered a barrier to consensus. On the contrary, diverse perspectives are gold: if elicited well and properly accounted for, they engage the community, expand the “possibility set,” increase commitment, and reduce surprise. In this talk, Dr. Wainfan describes the principles, methods and tools to help groups to agree on strategic action even though they may disagree on pretty much everything else!

Creating Creative Kids

Lynne Wainfan (a self-professed non-creative person) asks “what is creativity?” Drawing upon her own experiences as a parent trying to encourage three children towards achieving their creative goals, Lynne took her quest to the next level. As a true “Rocket Scientist of the Soft Stuff,” Lynne began a scholarly study of creativity, reading countless articles, corresponding with Nobel Prize winners, and even returning to school to become a research assistant in creativity. The results of her efforts: One of her children filed a patent application at age 6; another got a standing ovation at an improvisational comedy workshop at 11; and the third child received an internship offer from a Grammy-winning music producer at 12. Along the way, Lynne applied her knowledge and experience in the creative realm to help others. She co-produced a video that helped get every middle school student at Westerly School of Long Beach a laptop to take home for the year.. In this talk, Lynne discusses her formula for creative kids that includes parents, schools, creative tools, and the most important ingredient—the kids themselves. This talked is aimed at parents, educators, and members of the community who would like to help kids find and cultivate their creative potential.

Leadership Lessons from a Life as Wile E. Coyote

For 13 years, Lynne Wainfan had a quest—to be astronaut. Despite her “blondness”, she became a rocket scientist. Bored with the status quo of running laps to stay in shape she opted for tap dancing. To overcome shyness she convinced the president of Hughes Aircraft Company to send a woman into space. Alas, he chose someone else. In this talk, Lynne shares some of her adventures and insights on personal growth and the role of challenges and even failures in developing as a leader: building an experimental airplane, scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef, and training to pilot a rocket plane. While each of these “nonfatal disasters” ended with a less than the expected outcome, they qualified Lynne in what she calls her 2nd PhD…in the Philosophy of Disaster. Dr. Wainfan’s lessons are perfect for individuals, groups, and leaders looking to know more about the art of the quest; bouncing-back 101, and the first principle of realizational physics—don’t look down.

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