About Lynne

LYNNE WAINFAN, PhD. is a former rocket scientist, aerospace executive, and RAND researcher. Using her knowledge and understanding of the sciences, Lynne now applies her analytical way of analyzing the world to the most challenging and complex of endeavors – understanding people.

Her current project is Scout Skyward: the loneliness app.  It senses over 100 loneliness factors and gives you the best recommendation to help with your loneliness. Read more here

Dr. Wainfan’s consulting work helps organizational leaders create strategies–long term goals and actions–that people will actually implement. She helps groups who don’t agree on anything to agree on strategic actions. Dr. Wainfan is the author of a combined seventeen books and articles including Challenges in Virtual Collaboration and The Alchemy of Trust.

Lynne is a popular speaker on loneliness, trust, collaboration, strategy, and even leadership lessons for her life as Wile E. Coyote. Lynne’s blend of “nerdy knowledge”, a scholarly obsession with facts & figures, and her sense of humor bring insight and understanding to management, technical, and general audiences.


  • PhD Policy Analysis: Pardee-RAND Graduate School: March 2010
  • MA Policy Analysis: Pardee-RAND Graduate School: 2005
  • Graduate work in Psychology: CSULB 2002
  • MS Mechanical Engineering: UCLA, 1981
  • BS Aerospace Engineering: University of Michigan, 1979